The Sufi saints started coming to India from the 5th Century of the Hijri era. Their intentions were to offer to the people, knowledge and practice, guidance & directions, purification of soul & oness of the almighty in the presence of the phenomena. It was to give invitation of the right paths to all the people. Their messages were spiritual and eternal. There was absolutely no material greed or jealousy, malice or hatred. It was simply to purify the inner self like ice and brighten it like the silvery moon. The teaching of these great saintly souls have flooded the land of India with a luminous halo of light. History will provide evidences that the messages of Islam and the directives of the Holy Quran were completely in resonance with the norms of democracy and equality which spring from SHARIYAT (revealed laws), TARIQUAT (the enlightened path), HAQIQAT (reality) and MARFAT (the knowledge of God) and are perfectly in accordance with the principles of Islam. It is for this reason that the messages of these elderly saints found its way into the hearts of the common, illiterate people. The world was never devoid of the great Saints who were the bywords for tolerance in society. Among these elderly, euridite and great personality the name of Hazrat Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Samnani (RA) needs no introduction at all. His shrine is still the main attractions of the faithfuls.

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